Thursday, December 16, 2010

Next Up - Oliver + S - Test Pattern Quilt

I took a fun class with Charlotte Angotti at the Quilt Patch in Fairfax VA back in September. I haven't finished that "Let Me Surprise You" quilt yet, but I did get a fabulous tip from Charlotte. Kate Flynn of Flynn Quilting Frame Company will laser cut a pattern for you. It just takes a little time waiting in her to-do queue, but it's totally worth the wait. I first saw the new Oliver+S "City Weekend" fabric line in a coming soon blurb online. I also saw the free quilt that was designed to go with the fabric. Well, I got the fabric from the FatQuarter Shop and immediately proceeded to start my first attempt at paper piecing. Like my experience with the long-arm quilting machine, I realized that this particular quilting expereince wasn't my cup of tea. Unfortunately, the pattern didn't lend itself to any of my quilting templates (and I have a lot of them.) So . . . I contacted Kate and found out that she could laser cut the pieces . . . and no more paper piecing. I sent her enough to make 3 lap quilts. I just got the pieces back on Friday. It was so much fun to open the box and take a look. Here's what I got back from Kate - pattern pieces ready to piece together and an extra set of templates in case I need to make a couple of extra pieces. The interesting thing is the fabric is slightly burned on the edges from the laser. That seems to keep the edges from fraying. It smells a bit smokey, but I figure that will go away eventually. Can you believe that there are 3 + quilts in the box? I guess I'll see. Should be a fun winter project.

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