Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gone Fishing

I got this pattern from my good friend Laurie. it was pretty simple to make. I used it for my first (and probably my last for a while) attempt at using a long arm quilting machine at the Artful Quilter in Burke, Virginia. I love the idea of doing everything on the quilt from start to finish, but I just don't have the confidence (or patience or back strength) needed to keep this up. . .at least not for right now. Cindy at the Artful Quilter does such a wonderful job, I think I need to turn the project over to her when it's too big for my Bernina. It was fun, but not something I want to keep doing.

Everything was going OK, but the machine snagged the edge and made a bit of an uh oh, which I covered with a couple of appliqued fish. It turned out OK, but I learned that I really do prefer to let "the expert" do the quilting.
The quilt was donated to Project Linus chapter run by the Quilt Patch in Fairfax Virginia.

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