Friday, August 7, 2009

Hawaiian Vacation

I went to Kauai two years ago and was introduced to the most amazing quilt store I had ever seen. It is call Kapaia Stitchery. They had the most beautiful quilt there called the Pineapple Sunshine Quilt. I bought a kit and started making it . . . but I haven't finished much of it. I bought lots of material and I love the colors and the fabric and the design. It's just been hard getting something started. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I just got back from another trip to Hawaii. This time I visited the Big Island with my teenage son. They have a few quilting stores there and I went to one in Volcano and one in Hilo. During my time there I thought about where I was in life and what I wanted to do with the rest of it. I'm 50 years old and feeling like I haven't done something I really enjoy doing for the last many years of my life. I wondered what is it I like doing? What am I good at doing? I know I like to sew and I like to make things. So, here I am back to thinking about quilting. I am going to see how this works. I'd like to create something that lasts a long time. I think that's the beauty of a quilt. It last more than one lifetime. I have a quilt that my Grandfather's mother made. It must be more than 70 years old. I need to find that quilt and sleep under it. Maybe that will give me some inspiration.

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